If Barnacle-Encrusted Kayaks Could Talk

After a long journey at sea… six months, two weeks and about 700 kilometres later, a missing kayak showed up in Cape Town. It was never to be returned home and it surely had many stories to tell. This is where it began…

It was a busy weekend in April.

The beach at Under Milkwood was abuzz with families enjoying the sun and children playing on the beach below the chalets.

As usual, the kayaks and paddle boards were being greatly enjoyed by fun-loving guests having a super time in the calm and shallow waters of the gorgeous Knysna lagoon.

The kayaks and paddle boards are for complimentary use. Guests are merely requested to not leave them on the beach after use, but simply to return them to the stand.

If left in the water, kayaks have a curious way of disappearing. And during this long weekend… one of the kayaks had drifted away.

Image of kayaks in the water at Under Milkwood in Knysna
Missing Kayak on the left. Photo not taken at the time of the incident.

The search was on. Everyone, including the NSRI, was notified and asked to keep on the lookout. Weeks and months went by, but it never turned up.

Until November.

Covered in barnacles, it was washed up and retrieved by lifesavers at Fish Hoek beach in Cape Town, and so the kayak’s long journey came to an end.

Image of barnacle-encrusted kayak washed up on Fish Hoek beach in Cape Town
Kayak washes up on Fish Hoek beach. SANParks license visible.

After some cleaning, the SANParks license and the Under Milkwood contact number became visible. It was recognised by an onlooker, who told her parents about the discovery, and we were informed by them. It so happens that, due to the loss of their home in the recent Knysna fires, this Fish Hoek girl’s parents are currently living in a friend’s house up the road from Under Milkwood.

We would have loved to know more about the kayak’s journey at sea… if only kayaks could talk. We hope that it was possible to clean and fix her up enough to be enjoyed by another fun, sun, and water-loving adventurer.