A Girl’s Guide to Knysna

Image of girls lying on the deck laughing

Whether you are generations of moms and daughters wanting some time to bond, or a group of friends on a time-out from the boys… you are bound to have a memorable time in Knysna.

  • Size does matter at the Knysna Elephant Park. Be welcomed with a slurp and a smile and ride into the sunset with a trunk in your hand.
  • Knysna is a treasure chest of pampering options. You can tailor make your experience from a simple forest massage to an over the top makeover. Unwind your body mind and soul in the age-old female tradition.
  • Shopping shopping shopping! With spectacular names like Eye Love, French Kisses, Papagayo, Love Gifts, Leathers & Feathers, African Attitude and The Beach House who can resist retail therapy?
  • Knysna has lots of fresh air. What better way to enjoy it than to visit one of our many markets?
  • Cruise the Lagoon. Catamarans, yachts, speed boats or canoes – take your pick!
  • Soak up the sun. Choose between spectacular beaches to enjoy the best views: Bollard Bay, Coney Glen, Buffalo Bay, Noetzie or Brenton on Sea.
  • If fairies are your thing, go and track them down in the indigenous Knysna forests. Pack a picnic basket and make a day of it. There are plenty of forest walks for every age, shape and size.
  • Explore the Knysna Heads up close and personal. Enjoy spectacular views from the Eastern Head viewpoint or take a half day excursion to the Featherbed Nature Reserve on the Western Head.
  • Art Galleries. Knysna has an impressive collection of renowned artists and their work is on display all over town. You will definitely find something to suit your style and budget.
  • You are in the cuisine capital of the country! With over 80 restaurants, deli’s and coffee shops to choose from, who can resist piling on those kilojoules?
  • Call in on the Millwood Goldmine and relive the days of newly discovered gold. No wonder Dalene Matthee chose this site as the background for her novel Circles in the Forest.
  • If you look good in red, green and yellow then you should visit the Judah’s Square Rastafarian Community. Their community tour will provide you with an insight into this astonishing lifestyle and you will take home with you spiritual souvenirs that will last you a lifetime.